Shopping for software

I am interested in filming and editing instructional dvds for marketing.

My website is // edited out by imkidd57 //. The industry standard as far as quality is actually pretty low so I am confident with a little research and practice I can make a product just as good or better then other videos.

I am shopping for software but don’t know where to start. My finished product doesn’t need to look like Hollywood but I want the best finished product I can make.

I am just in prototype stage of my business I am trying to spend very little money at this point. I have been playing around in windows movie maker and can already make a decent product but I imagine there is much better software…and windows movie maker doesn’t allow the user to incorporate dvd menus into there project.

Do you guys have any suggestions on software I should look at? can you point me in the right direction?

uLead has some good entry level / low price authoring stuff. Most of it with 21 day free trial.