Shopping for a new DVD recordable drive (concerned about CPU usage and RAM)


This is my first post. I am very new to the whole recordable DVD stuff. I currently have a pretty old computer. It is a Pentium 4 1.3 GHZ with 384 RDRAM and 200GB Maxtor hard drive… I have a Geforce MX 2 32mb video card running Windows ME. Yes that’s right, not XP. I don’t even have a DVD-ROM drive in my computer. All I have is an old CDRW. I am not looking for a new computer, but I am shopping for a DVD recordable device. I was searching through this forum and after not finding the answer to my question, decided to ask it here. I am obviously concerned with performance. I know that since my computer is not the newest, the write performance will suffer, ( I didn’t upgrade to XP for the same reason, as it takes up a lot more resources than ME, even though more and more stuff is not compatible with 98/ME as time goes by) I want to know whether it makes sense for me to buy a new (relatively well received DVD drive such as LH-20A1H (which has a 1.3 ghz 128 RAM minimum requirement) or whether my computer will not be able to handle it. It seems to me that many of these new drives say they require XP to run. Is XP really necessary to run the actual drive or is it concerning the bundled writing software? I guess what I really want to know is whether it matters which drive I buy in terms of CPU usage because some of the other drives have lower requirements.
Also, can you recommend some newer drives that have low system requirements and low CPU usage while still supporting all of the media formats (DVD-R, RW, RAM, cdr, cdrw) and maybe even lightscribe

Thank you very much for your help

cdfreak85 don’t worry! You will be fine the LH-20A1H is a very versatile drive and will work very well on your computer with ME, a friend is using the same burner (LH-20A1H ) on his 98se and hasn’t missed a beat. :slight_smile:

Any DVD optical drive should perform decently for you. A P4 1.3 is certainly no slouch, and neither is a 200GB HD.

You may find that with only one HD that you will be limited to about 8x DVD burning, but you can still buy a modern 16x burner (highly recommended for up-to-date media support in firmware) and tell it to burn at 8x, or 4x, which is specified in the burner software.

Don’t be fooled. Some DVDwriters have system requirements on the box which may be higher than your system. This is usually because of the (often crappy) bundled software packages that come with it. You can still run the burner & (most) burning software with anything above a Pentium MMX :wink:
The burner itself is suitable for any CPU dating back to the pentium MMX’s :wink: