Shopping for a CDRW burner

I am looking for a cdrw burner. I want something that will read and write anything I throw at it. Compatability yes this is the issue. I had an Asus and it was very picky what it wanted to write, expecially CD-RW.
Hated that drive.
No bells or whistles just a dependable drive… Thank-You all.
I know I have come to the right place…

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Not knowing where you are located; but if in the US, check wal-mart. I picked up a Liteon 5239 cdrw there last week for under 30.00. Handles Kprobe scans for CD, does a fine job at burning and playing.

If you’re going to purchase a new burner why not get a DVD/CD combo, their not that much more. But if you want a CD only check out what Newegg has to offer.

I’m not sure who actually makes it, but my Khypermedia 52x cdrw that I got FAR on a black friday years ago, seems to copy everything I throw at it without a single problem. Best CDRW drives seem to be Plextor Plexwriter, Yamaha, and some old mitsui drives.

I’d like to add LG to that list of good CD-RW drives. Mine’s an excellent quality burner, though it’s getting on a bit in years now. :slight_smile:

If you want the last drive that came to the market full of facilities, get the
PlexWriter Premium 2
Another option within Plextor being the PX-230A.
You can check the Premium 2 specs at
If you use EAC check the ability to deal with the leadin(s), no matter the drive you buy.