Shopko: Verbatim 16X +R, 8X -R 25 pk $9.99 until 3-12

Saw this in Sunday’s ads. So I went and took a look and shure nuff. 16X for US$.40. Both spindles are MIT and since I don’t use -R’s I have no idea of the MID code.

And best of all no rebates needed. :smiley:

Never heard of Shopko, where are you located, and do they do business online ? URL ?

Sure do like those Verbatim 16X DVD+R’s (MCC004).

hmmm maybe pretty hard to believe it would be that easy but it is

Ya it is was that easy… They do not do online if you haven’t found that out yet. Thier website has a store locator. Mostly midwest to west coast and a hole bunch in Wisconsin.

There’s another thread where one guy played the PM with BB, hardly seemed worth it for 99 cents. My local CC carries these, might be easier to PM with them.

I was kinda surprised to see them even carry them yet alone put them on sale for $9.99. Regular price is $24.99 so it’s a rather deep discount.

Back a few months ago I got a few packs when they had a 2-3 day sale for $14.95 a 25 pack.

I THINK the -r’s are 8x ty02’s if I remember correctly, 12x burns on the BenQ.

I also think you can get a rain check with these if they are out, they always get more in so you would get the 9.99 price later when they get more.

i am that other guy and i thank u for pointing this sale out !!!

at best buy i actually got them for 8.69 for the +r which is a damn good price. good luck on PM them i hope you get a hella deal at CC

the 8x i have are MCC 02RG20 ( i think all verbys are mcc of one sort or another) ant they burn like this in a 3500

Shopko is a western/rocky mountain store chain. If you live in the east then you definitely wouldn’t have heard of them.

I accidently found this as I seldom read the department store ads. Noticed that it looked like the 16X variety when I checked this web site. It picks up some ads and not some others. But, it is a quick and lazy way to browse local ads.

Corrected I am, yes they are MCC 02RG20, just checked some I had left.

Burn at 12x on my Benq 1620, excellent dvd’s as well as the 16x +r’s