Does anyone know if DVDfab can handle Shopgirl. I am reading on other forums that it cannot ???


Dunno, but my daughter asked me to pick it up for her, so I’ll let you know later today or this eve… ;).


I backed up Shopgirl using DVDFab Platinum Gold mode the entire disc split onto two discs, retain menus on both discs, start movie on second disc, without a problem. Plays perfectly.


Yeah, no problems here…express v. - main movie mode, flawless bkup as usual… :iagree:


ditto on that Thomas, although that was with anydvd running also (saw your other post re), so don’t if a factor. If I ever get my original Capote returned to me I should try this combo on that and see what happens!


As I recall, when I did a bkup of capote, I had already started running both simultaneously as a matter of routine…to be honest, I’m not sure it matters, but it doesn’t create a conflict so… :slight_smile:


Are you saying that anydvd does not conflict with dvdfab decrypter???
Anyhow, why use both?


This thread will probably answer your questions. To be honest, I have not noted any difference - in either direction, + or -.