Shop4Tech's 4x Taiyos

Hey guys, just a quick question, how reliable is Shop4Tech? I hear a lot of people mention their Taiyo deals here and I’ve been considering it.

My only concern is their resellerrating hasn’t been that good lately, but it seems every one here gets their stuff.

and also, how long does the free shipping take? thanks!


IF you buy name brands from shop4tech - they seem to do ok IMO - they ship UPS from SoCal so figure it from there-


I’ve purchased 2 100pks of TY from shop4tech and I havent been disappointed. Goods are always properly packaged and shipping is fast.

Rima, Supermedia, Meritline, and 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, then shop4tech around here. But if you order BRAND NAME as indicated above, or empty cases, they are OK.

I ordered some stuff, it came quickly and nicely packed. No problems. Make sure you don’t get the crap no-name.
When my DigitalHQ hub-printable white DVD+R came, I found it to be QC-failed MCC003. Go for TY and enjoy :smiley:

They are allright. Not the best ranked store but still pretty good. BTW make sure you enter in the following code: xpbargains10 in and you will knock off an extra 10% of the pricetag.

thanks for the replies guys! i was mainly wanting to order the cheap value TYs from them.
their appeal to me is the free shipping (as i’m cheap heh), as with supermedia store its almost $8 or $9 sometimes, which ruins any deal.

The best deal from shop4tech right now is for the 4x DVD-R Taiyo Yuden spindles of 100 discs, mid code TYG01. So far these are the best burning discs that I have purchased. The only other TY’s I’ve ever burnt were 8x Fuji branded discs. Some people are reporting that they received TYG02 instead of TYG01. At any rate, disc quality tests with the TYG01 that I ordered are consistently 97 and above using Nero CDSpeed. For a full disc, PIE average around 30,000 and PIF average around 150 with a BenQ 1620 drive.

You can buy these discs for $28.80 shipped to your door with the coupon posted above. Shipping took about 4 days to NY and the package was in perfect condition.