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Just received my order today from shop 4 tech. I ordered 100 ct of Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 16X. So I open the box and see that there are two 50 ct cake boxes inside. Think nothing of it at first, figured they were out of 100 ct. Took the discs out of the box which were not labeled anywhere (no name printed on the packaging) and put one in my burner. Disc came up as CMC MAG M01. Called Shop 4 Tech customer service and told them they sent me the wrong order. Representative on phone told me its no big deal most companies use other companies to manufacture discs. So i told him that TY would not use this crap. He told me just to burn like 6-7 discs to see how they are. Can you believe this crap. Now I have to get on the phone with Manager tomorrow


Here’s an update on their great customer service. Filled out the RMA(return merchandise authorization) form on their website like they asked me to. Explained on form my problem and waited for response. I have to give them credit they responded pretty quickly, I believe it was the next morning. Anyway, got an email from them and this is what they said, “Thank You for using our RMA online service and we sincerely apologize for your problem. You wrote that you received CMC MAG M01 and we’re not sure what kind of media so please use free software from and let us know again more details of: manufacture ID, DVD-r or +R and the speed rate as 16X or not” Now is it just me or should’nt the response have been more like, we apologize for the mix up in your order and are sending out the correct media that you ordered 100ct of TY. Here is the info for you to send back the CMC blank media that we mistakenly sent. Once again our apologies. What does it really matter what media type or speed these discs I have are when theyre not even manufactured by the same company I ordered. This is starting to get ridiculous


I’ve never had a bad experience with Shop4tech as of yet. That doesn’t mean
the next order I place with them won’t be problematic or any thing like that but
so far I’ve had good luck ordering from them and receiving exactly what I ordered.


I stopped ordering dvds from shop4tech years ago the TYs I got were not good. Use them for other things but not DVDS.


Not impressed with their handling of limited stock items. I ordered the Optiarc AD-7200A-0B from them 2 weeks ago and about a week later received the 7220A instead. Sent in an RMA and received a response within 24hours. They tried to pass it off as a free upgrade. I then let them know of my displeasure… The next day they offered free shipping and a full refund once they receive the package. They received the package monday, but they have yet to update me on the status of my refund…


Ordered item “on sale”, after 4 days with no activity on order I called CS
and here is their statement:

We have had an overwhelming response to that item, it is not in stock and we are trying to find out from the vendor when we will get more.

I canceled the order – I guess this is not the first time an item was put on sale with a few in stock.