How long did it before they delivered their stuff to you? Because right now I am having some problem with their shipping. I had order some dvd-rs on May 2nd, with free UPS shipping. But now still they didnt give me a tracking number, or an email to tell me that my stuff is shipped. :a

Don’t buy after this current order is delivered.

Is it worth the aggravation?

I never buy from a bum seller more than once.

Yo easy123-

You should always check out a resellers customer ratings at before buying from them IMO-

Anyone who does this would probably not buy from either Shop4tech or Meritline!

Then again - if you look at Rima or Newegg - you will see that their customers (me included) give them steller ratings - why? - because they perform and communicate-

btw - we are still waiting for your scans of Staple discs vs. Verbatim discs - where you said that the Staples were superior - over in the Freaks Bargain Basement Forum-


Sorry, forgot which thread that is, can you tell me what it is? Here is a scan of the staple dvd(made in India). I will try to post another one later.

burned at 6x nec3500(maddog)

Yo easy123-

Link here:


I’ll bet they sent it out Snail Mail. Are you sure they said UPS shipping? :confused:
Cause if you look at the website all I see is free domestic ground shipping and it doesn’t say what that means. But I can tell from dealing with that place for years and never having a problem. Sometimes they send it Snail Mail and if you call them they will tell you that. Also if it doesn’t show up in say 2 weeks you don’t have to pay for it, just call your bank or CC company.
So for me considering its only been 3 days I would call them first before I would trash them but thats me. :slight_smile: Good luck.

yes it says : “UPS Ground - Free Shipping from 1 to 5 business days: $0.00”. and what is Snail Mail??

The slowest mail service in the world USPS. :slight_smile:

omg, wouldnt that be fraud? Lying to customers that they will ship with UPS, then shipped it with USPS!!!???

USPS can get stuff to me is New Zealand in just over a week. I think that’s pretty impressive :slight_smile:

I guess they are better over seas then they are in the USA.