Shop4tech TY now $24.30 delivered

Shop4tech now has TYG0? at $27 delivered and the CS10 coupon still works for 10% off. I have always received TYG02 and mine has been top quality.

When they start discounting the + media, I’ll buy some.

I know what you mean. TY T02 is never cheap. The only good thing is a finally found a burner that will burn the TG02 at 8X almost as well as the +R so now I get to averag the cost.

Yo chas0039-

And which burner is it-eh??



I was just going to ask the same thing. What burner Chas?

Yo alan-

Probably his LG that gave him the 100% Quality Score (and the only one that can do that in the free world) -eh!


Is there another in the unfree world Mike? Chas does like to make us think doesn’t he? I would guess the LG also. How ya doing Mike, I haven’t been posting much because of the server problems.

Yo alan-

I haven’t been around much - mainly 'cause my work computer took a major dump on me this past Monday afternoon (see new work computer being assembled - as we speak - below)

Actually - chas0039 - is usually pretty descriptive when he says something - so I am more than a little surprised that he did not say which burner is burning his TYG02’s so darn good - probably a ‘Spring Break’ thing-eh?


Ordered mine.

They have always been top quality for me.


Sorry, I should have clarified. The only burner I have found that will give me acceptible burns on TYG02 at 8X is my NEC 4570. All the other burners have total PIE that is way too high for me, and some add peaks and valleys to the curve.

It’s a good thing too. The 4570 is worthless for TY T02 as well as Verbatim MCC. A few more firmware updates should take care of this problem.

Sorry I cannot upload a scan for you. The server there is really having problems.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I am well stocked at this point.

Hmm, the 716A and 755A burn TYG02 very well in my experiene. The PIEs aren’t quite as low as with YUDEN000T02 but certainly good enough.

Between the server issues and work related problems I haven’t been lurking much lately. I do have two questions for chas0039 that are related to TYG02. 1.) How does the Pioneer 111 compare to the NEC 4570 with this media? I’m thinking the chips are similar and the Pio firmware is usually decent. 2.) Have not been in the NEC forum much lately. I know your 4570 was acquired in the UK. Will the 4570 ever be marketed here in the US to your knowledge?

Will the 4570 ever be marketed here in the US

:o Guess I’m more out of touch than I thought! Thanks rbrtpl.

Nec surprised us, guess they are responding to Benq’s lack of respect for the usa.
I love my new benq 1650 but resent the second class treatment of americans by benq.
Gotta love our media prices tho.

The NEC is better but the Pioneer 111 is OK.

[I]Sorry, still not possible to upload[/I].

Pioneer PIE are Max 25, total 43000, PIF total less than 100.

NEC are PIE Max 7, total 8000, PIF just over 100.

See Here, but good luck as most images are no longer viewable. New server problems, I guess.

Just to reinforce what chas0039 has said, I also have a Nec 4570 which works VERY well with TYG02 and not much of anything else. The TYG02 works well in several other drives (Liteon 160P6S, Benq 1620 and 1640), but it only gives outstanding results in the Nec 4570. And the 4570 cannot achieve even decent results with any other media. Weird.

On edit: I may have left the wrong impression here. I don’t mind using the TYG02 in almost all of my drives, the results are perfectly acceptable. But I only get results that I would brag about in the Nec 4570.

I just cleared the learning out of my Liteon 165P6S with the MV7U firmware, (first time ever after a lot of experimenting) and I found my first burn with TYG02 at 8X (Hypertuning on) turned out very well. It might also be a good drive with this media.

I just ordered another 200. I couldn’t help myself, these have burned so well for me.

I also (drum roll) got a free gift of 5 DVD RW, only 2x but does anyone know
what the media code it on those? I am sure they are not the best but…