Shop4tech Ty now 23.40 shipped per 100

100 pack of TY value line 1x-4x for 26.00 - 2.60 (referral discount)= 23.40 shipped!!
Contact me for a referral if needed!!!

Damn they just lowered the price $1. I just ordered 3 days ago. Don’t need a referal just use coupon code CS10 or CD10.

I think the new code is AE10. Be prepared, you might get stuck with TYG03.

I bought some TYG03 from about a year ago and I still have about 70. I am waiting for the firmware to catch up with the media, even though the firmware has the code in it, I don’t believe the code is calabrated correctly yet in alot of the firmware.

I know u dont need a referral code…referrals are just nice sometimes…LOL…sometimes cs10 does work still for the 10% off…

i just tried AE10 and it worked fyi

i didnt buy it yet but it applied the discount (10%, so 2.60 off) in the cart.
im guessing you cant do a referral AND a promo code?

Can some1 send me the referred code, I wanna give it a shot, hmmm hoping it is stackable with the promo code

Not likely. I seem to remember them putting an end to that several months ago.

yea they fixed that…i had someone pm me saying they called shop4tech to complain that everyone else was getting both the referral code and the other code to work and he couldnt, so they fixed it…

Good news! they still have some TYG01 in stock! I’ve never had TYG01 so these are a real treat :smiley: just got my 200 in the mail. Here’s the first scan:

edit - never mind, the attachment thing is fuxt today. it’s a QS99, total PIE=17346, total PIF=177, av jitter = 6.53%, max jitter 8.3

These are also burning very well in my Lite-on.

b7v9 doesn’t work but w9 likes them. (4x burn)

Yup, they still have plenty of TYG01. I just got 100 of them. All of them came perfect with no imperfections. Packaging did suck though. Was just rolling around in the box, luckily they had bubble wrap around the discs itself.

UPS just now dropped off a box, 100 TYG02.

What a jackass. Scewed it up for everybody.

I see they are now following Supermedia and others with two Valueline designations. I wonder if the 4X and 8X will really be different or if it is just a way to make a few bucks. Actually, if I could be sure I would NOT get TYG03 I would pay more.


The only coupon that works right now is Techbargains10

Yeah, I need the TYG02 since my NEC 6570a will only burn the TYG01 at 6x. Atleast you know what your getting now.

Unfortunately, the Tyg01’s are gone and so is the price. Shoptech now says:
This item is not available anymore, sorry. Similar and newer products are listed below for your convenience.

DVD-R 8X White Inkjet Printable

DVD-R 4.7G 8X Silver Lacquer (VALUE LINE)

the coupon doesn’t work on these either! :frowning:

just gave 10% off 30$