Shop4tech TY CDRs, are these legit or what?

I haven’t seen other etailers selling these, what looks like a silver matte top TY cdr. Since they have a sale on with a nice 10% discount if you order over 30$ + 10% off on top of that, I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with these discs, and also getting legit TY cdr from s4t. I need to burn archives of concert performances for my fellow board of directors, and I would rather not use cheap CDR media, so they last.


The picture there clearly shows a Pthalo disc and not a cyanine. TY only uses cyanine. It’s a much darker green.

Be careful because if that picture is of the discs you are buying they are fake.

I’ve never known any mainstream retailer (in the U.S. at least) to specifically advertise TY and sell fake media. I’m not familiar with the specific media here but I would personally have no doubts that it is legit TY media. And I’ve had no problems with Shop4Tech before, either.

I agree scoobiedoobie, I have had many transactions with Shop4Tech and although these are not cheap 39.00 per 100, I doubt that they are fakes. Sometime pictures in ads do not tell the whole story.

The main reason I am wondering is that most of the other online media outlets don’t seem to have these, if in fact they are the matte finish as it seems in the picture. Guess i’ll have to drop them a line, between the three flavors (white top, clear top and matte) i like the matte…

Beware that some places, like Shop4Tech, have in the past sold “value” TY CDR’s that turned out to be the “multi-use” type discs that are really 32x media.
Only way to know the difference is to buy them and check the codes. Still fine media, but should not or cannot be burned at 48x. (depends on the burner)

You can by silver from Rima, either standard or hub-printable, for under $30/100 and be assured of top quality.