Shop4tech coupon

They just sent me an email saying

This season, after celebrating with your Graduate or on Father’s day you will probably have several digital photos of your memories! Get all your photo printing supplies so that after you capture all the memories, you can print & share them! We at Shop4Tech don’t want you to be caught low on supplies during this special time for Dad and your Graduate, so is offering a variety of Photo paper sizes and various brands of replacement ink cartridges for blowout prices. Just use the included 10% off coupon code “SS10” and apply it towards any item on our site. If you are looking for a last minute gift for your favorite grad, why not give a nicely priced webcam with sound or a portable flash drive for managing all the future college assignments (and all of their MP3s too of course) just browse the items below or click on the promotion tab on our website for many other choices!

Thanks for the heads up!

So SS10 is now the valid code? Cool. Too bad their prices on DL Verbs are rediculous.

With MII Verb DL media shows up, I would not order Verb DL online anymore since I want to ensure that I get MIS Verb DL media and only instore only so you can hand pick your MIS spindle.

Thing is that I have yet to hear about it in anything but the 50 pack spindles. All of my 10 packs/20 packs that I have ordered/purchased recently have been MIS.

I’ve got the same email… shop4tech is a good store and 10% off is always welcome, but this kind of corny marketing lingo has got to stop.

"This season… If you are looking for a last minute gift for your favorite dad…"
Yeah, thanks for reminding me. The second husband of my first stepmother was always my favorite! I’ll show my appreciation by sending him a few of your aftermarket ink cartridges.

What? Oh, you said “favorite grad.”

What are you implying? I no longer date more than one of my students [at a time].

Just used SS10 and it’s still valid