Shop4tech Bundle Pkg. A good Deal?



Hi guys, was looking at this for a Birthday gift.

It’s a Pioneer A07 DVD Writer, with Nero Software and a 50 pack of Matrix disks. I googled the Matrix disks and it seems like they are good. Figured i’d ask before I purchase this.

Thanks in advance.


It is an okay deal, however, here is a better one
This burner is fast, dual format, and dual layer. With this one, you will be set for quite some time. Cost will be about the same after rebate + cost of blank media which can be found for cheap at the same website for as cheap as 25$ for 50 pack blank dvd+r’s ect… just take a look if you havent already purchased the one you were looking at.
Also check out this
its a little cheaper and only a little slower…
the final decision lays in your hands, good luck :bigsmile:


cdripper86, thank you for your reply. I considered it and finally made my decision. I decided to go with shop4techs deal b/c it comes with media and the Nero software program for burning, etc. It’s not for me, it’s a gift and i’ve read so many positive about the Pioneer drives I finally decided that it was worth it to go for it. I may end up getting that single drive for myself though that looks like a sweet deal. Thanks