Shop4tech 4x TY.. $54 for 200 with 5 free DVD-rw's - still worth it?

I see the free shipping deal is still available with the 10% coupon code for the 4x Taiyo Yudens. Opinions? Is the deal still worth it with the various 8x and 16x available?

Btw, when not sure of the coupon code, just type “shop4tech coupon” in a Google search and a load of possibilities appear.

It would be nice to see some sales on Maxell’s and TDK’s once in awhile.

I Hear these Burn at 8x Easily so i see no need to pay more for 8x or 16x since not many People Burn at 16x According to CDFreaks Poll and it’s Quality media according to reviews.BTW.If you find new Coupon Codes that would be Appreciated. :slight_smile:

Only certain burners/firmwares will burn those at 8x with no little or no trouble. In addition it is a real crapshoot these days. You could end up with anyone of the following when you order: 4x TYG01, 8x TYG02, 16x TYG03. I would definitely take these over the crap that TDK and Maxell seem to be shoveling out these days (ie the variable MIT stuff) though. @the original post, it might help if you posted back here with which drive and firmware revision you had as that can make a HUGE difference with whether or not these discs are worth it.

Lite-on 1633S with CSOP firmware. Are the TY’s worth it?

Why don’t you just go to Best Buy and get Fujifilm DVD+/-R for $14/pack of 50 count and they are TY.

I Hope your right TCAS.

If you can find MIJ instead of MIT. If not, it’s a waste of about $5 in gas.

Don’t count on the 5 free DVD RW being worth it. I got the free RW on an order a while back and they were in bent paper sleeves and the disks had scratches and dust all over them. I threw my free RW’s away.

I got 200 of these about a month back. Burned about 50 of these and have mixed feelings - some discs burned excellent with less than 100 PIFs and quality score of 98/99. But most discs showed clusters of errors with total PIFs around 3000 and a quality score of 93 to 97 - quite ‘good’ by itself, but not ‘excellent’ as I expected from TY media. And a few (i guess about 4 in the 50 I burnt) were really bad with scores of less than 80.

Don’t know if the variability is in the media or my burner (BenQ 1640). See my post about burning TYG01 in the BenQ forum. I paid about 24 cents for each disc, and I think they are OK for the price, but I really expected better quality.

I contacted shop4tech, but they were of not much help. They were ready to take the discs back and refund me, but the return shipping made it a bad deal for me and I decided to keep the media.

Based on the feedback I got on the BenQ forums, here is my conclusion - these “value” TYG01s are really old stock. They must’ve been lying in some warehouse for quite sometime now - most likely on their side. The recording layer dye has deteriorated a bit (bad storage conditions??) and every disc has some patches/clusters or bad-dye spots which is causing it to have sudden peaks and error clusters while the rest of the disc burns super-fine. I’ve tried every possible option from write-start swapping, different firmware versions, different speeds, different burners (NEC-2510 and LiteOn 813s) but failed to get consitent burns from the media.

Some people have reported that they ordered the TYG01, but recieved the TYG02s instead. If you believe you are lucky, you can order and see what you get. But, if I were to buy again, I’d pay the extra 6 or 7cents per disc and get the TYG02s.

Good luck.

Someone posted in another forum ( that the TY Value media is that which is TY’s lower grade stuff? True?

Not really, it’s more of a way to get rid of excess/old stock. Outside of the age of the discs or how they are packaged they aren’t really any lower quality than the stuff that sells but there is room for more variation.

Heh. Maybe in some areas with older stock. TY has shifted the vast majority of it’s production to the likes of Prodisc and Ritek. My BB doesn’t have anything but MIT media and as mentioned by Wilton it can be a big waste in gas.

New code for 10% off is Xmas10

Against my better judgement, I ventured over to Best Buy several hours ago and WHAT A WASTE OF TIME (and gas). All they had was the MIT Fuji’s. There’s nothing there that you can’t get cheaper on the net - from TV’s to computers to phones.

just got my shipment and was sent TYG03. i seemed to get better burns with TYG01.

I just went to BB in my area and I found 2 pack of Fuji MIJ among 25 packs, I was tring to get both then I thought I have so many MIJ media and only picked one pack ffor $14.99.


Gotta say - that the TYG01’s I got from shop4tech have done very well - I have gone through about 85 of the 100 and have yet to throw a coaster or get a QS under 85 (most are 93-97) - of course that is not the discs fault - but the pressed disc that it is copying -

The Ricoh 4x +R - R01’s from All Media perform equally as well (look for the $4 off coupons - occasionally offered - puts them down to $.19 each plus shipping)



Ricoh 4x +R - R01 media is back on sale here:

Use code ‘ri3off’ to get $3 off of sale price per 100 (I found that 200 was at a good price point with shipping)


$12.94 UPS ground shipping for 200 disks! It’s still a reasonable buy at $53 total, but it takes a little air out of the sale as one feels they’re making a profit on the shipping.

Just got 2 100 pks sent to Dallas Tx for $50.31. I have always had luck with these. Thanks for the code mike. :wink: