Shop4tech 10% off Coupon

GCO10 good until 2/28/07

Don’t forget about the google checkout for $10 off :slight_smile:

only a 5.94 / 10 rating @ , why?

try it
you may fall in the lucky 4.06 :wink:

good find
I may try for a few more DL spindles
already got 4 of the 3 packs

I got the e-mail also, but you can only use it once ( google checkout ) so if you are going to use make it worthwhile LOL:iagree:

No idea why they are rated so low, I have purchased from them ~20 times with no problems.

I have even returned a few things for refund/replacement with no issues.

What is the current coupon code? EDIT NM. Just got the discount all done on a 20 pack of D/L Verbatim using the google checkout and it came out to $31.80 shipped.