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Any idea if CS10 still works?


TY10 also works.


I think both of those work. I used MD10 on an order yesterday. I also read before placing my order that any orders thru May 18th come with a FREE cd visor that they usually sell for like ten bucks.

I bought those really, really neat record top classic CD-R. $12.60 w/ free shipping is Hellafied! For reference, it’s these:

Best price by far anywhere. Thanks for the other coupon codes, maybe they’ll work next time I need to place an order. :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad we can’t figure out a way to use more than one coupon code. :wink:


I am not getting good burns with these disk. 4 out of 6 of these are giving me a bad media message when trying to burn. I have used CloneDVD2 and ImageBurn and speeds of 4, 8 16 and Max. I bought these disk before from Shop4Tech and all 100 burned okay. Any suggestions? Media ID from DVD Identifier is:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:TYG03]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [TYG03]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]


Those are Taiyo Yuden TYG03 (assuming you bought the TY and not some knockoff brand claiming the TY media ID code). They are known for not being as well made as their predecessors. For 16x media I recommend trying the Verbatim specials that are in stores.


Thanks for the reply. I just bought some of the Verbatim’s at Best Buy this afternoon. When I called Shop4Tech the rep told me it could not be a problem with the disk. They have never had a complaint about them before.


LOL, so since noone has complained it can’t be a media issue.