Shoot The Speed Camera



As the title says…!



Hmm, I tought I could do it for real…

Nice game anyway…


Yeh, i thought i’d find something like this, as i think i got done for speeding this afternoon, about 34/35 in a 30, bugger…!!!

First one though.


I want it for real…


The ban on detectors got lost in the election run-up…

Sounds like they will bring it back, banning radar detectors but not GPS - though many of the expensive GPS systems also have radar.

On reason for not banning GPS, is such a system will be telling you about accident blackspots, where extra care is needed - and where these cameras SHOULD be, rather than at the edge of pointless 50-40 speed limit changes


A lot up my way they are a lot on a straight road hiding behind signs, not an accident blackspot or even a junction in sight, it’s just for money revenue.

i agree with them at schools and accident blackspots, it’s that not where they are MEANT to be ?