Shogun Warlords edition

Hellow, I’m a noobee here, so greetz!

Does anyone know if Betablocker works with Shogun Total War: Warlords edition? And if not, how I should copy it?
I searched the topic, but the guy was talking about the game being split in 45 parts or something, and I didn’t quite understand what he was talking about…

Can anyone help me?

(BTW: Greetz DN! Jij was toch iets van moderator hier, right? Anyway, Teccie=Evil Michel 8) )

BetaBlocker will only help you if this game is SafeDisc 2 protected (to find this out use a copy-protection scanner like ClonyXL). But there’s no garantee it’ll work so you’ll have to try. What kind of burner do you have? BetaBlocker was only intended for use with burners that normally can’t do SafeDisc 2. For a list of SafeDisc 2 capable writers check

For more info on SafeDisc 2 and BetaBlocker read this article.

The guy you mention and the 45 parts thingie were probably downloaded RAR files he got from somewhere on the net.


Ps. Bedoel je Dee-ehn? Dat is idd een fijne mod hier :smiley:

Well, I did some research before bothering you with my stupid questions 8), and Shogun=Safedisc 2, just forgot to mention

  • slaps forehead and says: “DOH!” *

My writers is LiteOn, but don’t know what particular type, so I guess I can just burn it with clonecd, and it’ll either work Recorder-only, or it will work the way it should 8)

Thanx for the feedback!