Shogun Total War

Does anyone know the type of protection used on Shogun Total War, or any ideas on how to copy it?

I know how to copy it perhaps but I want that game to can you send it to me when I tell you how to copy it. Which programs have you used allready.

Copy Protection detector says -SAFEDISK

so use clone cd with fast error skip on

ive copyied the game successfully using clonecd ,plextor 12/10/32a and the reader , toshiba dvd rom sd m1202


I’ve copied Shogun using nero and an old panasonic burner. I had no trouble at all.
Not that this may help you much.

Thanx all for your replies.

Well, I obtained a copy of the latest clonecd, and it does work great. Being my first time using it I wasn’t quite
sure of the settings, but It did work. The cd I copied worked fine on my pc at work but not my machine at home. It did work
but sometimes it would hang the machine. I figure maybe my reader at home is getting flaky. So I burned a copy at 1x and it
seems to work fine so far.

btw on the disc 2 I had to use an 80 min cd, I’m assuming that’s what y’all had to do. Also, In case anyone cares I used a plextor reader and an hp9200 burner. my reader at home is a generic (Rodeo I think) 32x reader.

I’ll have to try nero, and some of the others to see how they work.