Shogun backup discs won't play

I backed up all four of my Shogun (The miniseries) dvd’s. I used a couple of different methods, dvdshrink as well as ANYDVD and CloneDVD2 and ANYDVD and Discshrink. I also split one of the discs into two parts and doing just the movie with no compresssion.

Any of the full copys I put in the DVD don’t run, my DVD Player thrashes and then gives me a “disc cannot be played on this machine” message (RCA DVD Player about 4 years old). The first disc I split breaks up as soon as it starts and then goes into a green screen and does nothing, the second one gives me the same message as the other full ones.

All the discs play in my computer burner/player, but I have an older 733Mhz computer maxed out at 256 MB ram that it is too slow to watvh anything on.

If I disable my Anydvd driver, Clonedvd2 says there is no copy protection, so it has been removed.

I burned these DVDS 1 speed under the rating for the discs and the other stuff I have burned seems to work fine.

Anyone have a clue as to what’s wrong?

Have you tried booktyping the disc?

If a disc is booktyped to a DVD-ROM it will play in almost all standalone DVD players.

Firstly you need a burner that is compatible with booktyping (LiteOn and Benq are good normally).

You need a program like DVD Decrypter or Nero, one that supports your burner.

You need DVD+R discs to booktype (don’t worry if your DVD player only plays dash discs, DVD-ROM plays in them as well)

When burning, simply set the burning program to ‘booktype’ and that should be that!


Hope this is of help, Good Luck.

Went out and bought a Phillips DVD Player today and all the discs play fine.

I guess that was the problem although it’s mystifying that other discs played in the RCA but not the Shoguns.

Thanks for the suggestions.