Shockwave to EXE/MPG?

I have a couple of Shockwave files that are in EXE format that play when doubleclicked on… How can I do that with the SWF file I downloaded off the internet? Is there anyway that I can pack it into a EXE file so it lauches like the ones in my library?

flashfiles (.swf) can be handled by Internet Explorer. Just drag and drop!

If you want the file to be started by a double-click, register the extension with IE.

Another option: write a small html-page which starts the flashfile.

If you have Flash installed, you can play the swf files ‘‘standalone’’.
When you do this and (in the Flashplayer) you goto file -> create projector you can make an exe out of a swf! :smiley:

Wookie, I have the Flash PlugIn… I dont see that option there… I guess I have to download the program right?

Upp3rd0G: Thanks, that drag and drop works… I would rather make them EXE files so that I can distribute them.

The plugin is to make flash work in IE.
Flash, as in the program Flash (to make it), is allot different from a plugin! :stuck_out_tongue: