Sho uld WOPC with stock 1633S/1653Sfirmware occur?

I have but one question: why am I getting WOPC points with my drive? I have long since come from the quality patched version of BYX5, and have gone through the original BYX5, CSTR, CS0R, and now am on BS0S. It even occurred when I was burning using a test disc in CD-DVD speed with “Burn Image File” unchecked. On image file burns, drive never does a major seek operation, and on CS0R and BS0S burns I could tell that the HDD went idle (IDE indicator went off) at the assumed WOPC relinking points. I don’t see any other burns with my selected media or firmwares containing the WOPC pattern, so is something amiss here?

CS0R burn scans:

BS0S burn (somewhat pleases me more than the CS0R burn as far as overall burn quality) attached.

looks like buffer underruns… liteon doesn’t use wopc (or anything similar) in its firmwares.