SHN and FLAC support?

Is it possible to burn directly from SHN or FLAC files to CD-Audio like the Windows version (through plugins?). If so, could anyone help give a newbie to Linux step-by-step directions? (using Xandros 3.02 if that matters).


Until they come up with the plugin (I can’t believe they don’t!) I’d recommend using sound-juicer to rip and you’ll have to stick with graveman or k3b.

Like I said I can’t believe they don’t support FLAC, but then again it’s a new venture for them. Before I blew M$ completely off my systems I was a big fan of Nero, I like seeing them in the *nx world now!

Well NeroLINUX uses external decoders for audio, so it’s theorically possible to add support for flac without any external plugin. Look in the file types tab in the preference, shn is already configured and it shouldn’t be that hard to do the same with flac, try to mess a little with command line parameters.