SHM165h65 only burning dvd's @1x...why..?

Just started doing that.
Good media, verbatim, 2 thirds of the way down a pack of 100, all of which have burnt at the proper speed.

Also tried a different blank disk, and different burning soft, still at 1x…

I set it to max, but it doesn’t stay at max.

Is it running in UDMA mode? What’s the Burst rate?

I found in ide ata/atapi controllers the following;

I have it set to dma, if available…but it went to p10 anyway upon retrying…

Note; this was in device 0
device 1 shows udma in current transfer

hmmmm Look in maineman’s sig for DMA help.

Ok, thanks mate.
I followed a suggestion found thru your link, and it seems to have made it better, now showing UDMA mode 4.

I deleted the channel, my Primary channel(and note, to anyone reading this, all my hd’s are sata, and thus are NOT on my primary ide channel) and then rebooted the box, which seems to have made it better.
I suspect I’ll need to reinstall my board’s main drivers too

Just trying to help. You’ve been here 2 years before me so i imagine you know your machine :slight_smile: