SHM-165S6S-11C SATA drive

Hello has anybody got this drive? Can they comment on it? I am looking for a SATA drive and I think this drive is the SATA equiv of the SHM-165P6S drive.

Lite-On-SHM-165P6S Review

Thanks David

Hello, this not a very common drive yet, no firmware updates yet either.
Some older threads:

In the US there’s already a newer SATA model SH-16A7S available.

I can buy that drive here in Portugal too. It’s the only LiteON SATA drive available.

Some SHM-165S6S screenshots.

I have the drive, it’s very good quality wise but it has it’s problems like slow leadin time which I have read is common for liteon drives anyway. I emailed liteon support about firmware updates 3 weeks ago, they replied today and said they would update their product pages ASAP but there were no firmware updates available, which is a bit shit really.

Thanks for all replies gonna take the no delivery over new year time to try and decide on a SATA drive i posted a question like this on the newbie forum but nobody could recommed and good SATA drive…

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