SHM-165P6S To SHM-165H6S

i usully don’t ask for help much since i figer things out on my own but im really stuck here i was going to update my firmware and accenditly download a firmware for SHM-165P6S but i had a SHM-165H6S installed first now i can’t get it to go back to SHM-165H6S its stuck with the SHM-165P6S driver and the light keeps flashing the drive now is totally useless.
I think i overwrite the factory settings on it or something, everytime i try to install the SHM-165H6S driver i keep getting this message…

so i took my dvd drive out to see what it was and it said this:
F/W: HP10
H/W: 02.02
so then my question is this fixable or did i mess up the drive that its just junk now, if someone can help me with this they’ll save me form wasting 60$ becuse i really don’t wanna wast money on a new dvd drive
i appreciate the help.

EEPROM Utility for LiteOn/Sony/BenQ CD/DVD-Writers would let you crossflash it back (Might work again?). COdeKing has explaination and download. You just need the firmware.

Burn On,

PS. I hope it works out for you drive.

thanks alot Pernal you been a big help i got it going again:clap: