SHM-165P6S/Sony DW-G120A unreliable CD-writer?


I just coastered some TY CD-R (Verbatim Pastell discs). Written at 24x with Sony DW-G120A. The drive is connected via USB (Cypress based enclosure). Then I tried xflashing the drive to SHM-165P6S and experienced no improvement. The only media written quite good were those with Sony MID. Are these drives generally bad or did I just get a bad one?

Thanks for heads up,

Went back to Sonys firmware and installed MYR3 - my drive came with OEM-fw MYS2. Results are better, but not very impressing:

165P6S - #1
MV96 - All ON
Verbatim CMCMAG 97m26s66f @ x48


Looks good, but Litey DVD-drives are not realiable CD-scanners. But even my TRT doesn’t look good.

  • MV96 is test firmware:

I’ll try that. My last action was FW MYR4 (brand new from Sony), but that seems to be worse than MYR3.

  • possible bad batch of TY’s?
    I don’t think so, the discs work fine in my other drives.

Thanks for heads up!

But I am rather confused, because I get very different results if I scan the discs with my CD-R and Kprobe:

Ahhh, ok…

  • didn’t realize LiteOn DVD don’t scan CDs optimally
  • the only other drive I have that’s active is NEC 4550 (which does not read DVDs at higher speeds as well as LiteOn)
  • bench and scan below are of CD burned with 165P6S, FW: MV96
  • hope the test FW helps…


Who knows, what drive gives reliable results? The only thing you can clearly identify, are coasters and degraded discs with lots of C2 errors.

  • hope the test FW helps…
    I tried it, but the results are not that, what I expect from premium discs :frowning:

So I went back to Sony MYR3:
Yuden written @32x
CMC written @40x (max speed offered by Sony FW, unless pressed “overspeed” button)