SHM-165P6S or DW-G120A



I am looking to get a new burner, and pretty much down to these two I think. I narrowed it down to these two because I wanted one that I could do scans with. I read the review on the SHM-165H6S and wondered if the SHM-165P6S is pretty much the same burner minus lightscribe. I mentioned the DW-G120A because I read it is a rebadged SHM-165P6S, and had good luck with my DRU-710A till it recently started to burn bad disc, so thought I would get me a new drive to take its place as one that can scan and rip good. Is their any bonus to getting the lighton over a sony, or the other way around really.



as these drives share the same hardware, it should just be a matter of price. The Sony (I run that in an external USB case) is rather quiet and some people here think, that the quality of Sony FW seems to be better (I can’t judge about that). By default, it writes and reads CD-R only at 40x, by pressing the eject-button for 5 seconds you can push it up to 48x.
The advantage of Liteon FW is, that there are some additional tools available and you can be beta tester of apps and firmware :wink:

Concerning scans: forget about scanning CD-R with these drives…



As far as price I found them pretty close on newegg, mind you that was a retail 165P6S and an oem G120A. I usually only scan DVD’s, like to keep an eye on the quality of the burns. I have to much stuff to back up to worry about loosing it.


I’d buy the G120A and flash it to the LiteOn test firmware MV96. I’ve found the read/burn quality of the Sony drives to consistently be better than the LiteOn, like they have to meet a very high spec, to be put in the Sony pile. I have 2 LiteOn 165P6Ss and one G120A and the G120A is the best drive. :wink: That’s not to say the LiteOn drives I have are bad drives, just not as good as the Sony one.


you surely mean a G120A as MV96 is a 165P6S firmware.
do you know any sony rebadge of the 165H6S? i can’t find it the liteon here in germany, looks like it wasn’t released to the european market…

//thx c0de. you can add the g121a to the dvd-writer list on your page. also the official firmware links are outdated.


Thanks chok0, yes the G120A. The G121A is the LightScribe model but I haven’t seen this model yet either.


Sony DW-G 121A looks similar. has them for 52€ (bulk drive).



i think i’ll get this one.
can i flash the g121a with a flashfixed lo test firmware?


I flashed Sony G121A to last test firmware for Lite-on 165H6S. Seems to be everything all right. Drive works normally.


Is it possible to crossflash a Sony DW-G120A/ABR in an external enclosure (Prolific PL-3507 based) to LiteOn experiemental firmware, or does this only work for internal drives?

Is the DW-G120ABR just a certain packaging type (retail) of the DW-G120A, or are there differences?

I’m considering buying either a 165P6S or DW-G120A, the Sony retail drive being only 5% more expensive than the LiteOn, and I’m wondering if there’s any downside to buying the Sony instead of a LiteOn, except for the loss of warranty.

I’m definitely going to run experimental LiteOn firmware on the drive, at least some of the time, so if that’s going to be difficult or impossible in an enclosure, I’ll just go for the LiteOn instead.

I hope this isn’t considered as a highjacking of the thread, since my questions are about the same two drives! :flower:


Perfect place for the post. :wink:

No problems using or flashing test firmware to an external enclosure. I use one of my 165P6Ss in a Prolific external enclosure and it works fine. USB2 has some short dips in the TRT scan above 14x and Firewire is perfect, but not as stable as USB2.

I don’t know of the ABR model. My G120A is an AB2B model and I see the beige version is an A10B model. Must be just Black Retail but I thought Sony only sold these as OEM drives. Obviously not any more.

I also don’t know of any downside to using the Sony other than what you mentioned. My G120A preforms perfectly using Test firmware (MV96) with DVD ±R and CD/R (+R DL still has a problem with MV96) and here is NZ we still get a 12 month warranty, because it has to have it by law. :slight_smile:


I’m not entirely sure that you answered my question, so could you please confirm that crossflashing experimental LiteOn firmware to an external Sony DW-G120 would work?


I thought I did here. :wink:


I think that DrageMester means if [B]it is possible to perform the crossflash while the drive is in the external enclosure[/B], or if you have to crossflash it as internal and then move it to the enclosure… :wink: Apologies if I’m wrong…


If you can flash the drive then you can crossflash it. In this case it’s not really even a crossflash. The drive has the same ID as the 165P6S. It just requires a flashfixed flasher and the Test firmware has this flasher.

So the answer is, from Windows you can do anything to an external drive that you can do to an internal drive.


That was exactly what I was trying to ask!
Thanks for explaining it better than I did! :flower:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I just realised something, doh! :doh:

Is there any flashfixed firmware that makes it possible to crossflash the drive back to being a Sony DW-G120A drive with Sony firmware, after it has been flashed to a LiteOn drive?


Any time. I’ll try not to be so cryptic in future. :bigsmile:

Hang on. I’ll just find the link. :wink:


BTW, sorry for jumping into the thread that way, but tomorrow I’ll pick up my brand new G120 to do some tests at home in the weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:



eltranquil, no problem. Thanks for helping out. Enjoy the new drive. :slight_smile:

DrageMester, he’s the link to the post with MYS3 in it:

I must put these in the announcement thread, as I don’t list OEM firmwares on my site.