SHM-165P6S media tests (Japanese)

Another Japanese DVD burning site I like to frequent has posted some media tests with this drive, which can be found here. Looks like it does quite well with 16x DVD-R media from the Japanese makers.

SHM-165P6S has capabilities of scanning DVD-RAM BLER. I used Panasonic DVD-RAM 3x media for testing. Burn: 165P6S@3x, Scan: 165P6S@5x. Look the following horrible results. I dunno whether this result is reliable or not.

doesn’t look good… maybe you want to try out MS0A firmware, it’s available at the liteon site.

Wow, nice link – they tested a TON of media types and gave ratings (S, A+, A, A-, B+, …, E, F) to each.