SHM-165P6S (ex SONY DW-G120A) BIG Burning Problems

Hi All,
Please help if you can. I have a 165P6S recently crossflashed from the SONY DW-G120A.

I had problems with the SONY drive and crossflashed in the hope that the excellent firmware and support for LiteOns may help me to get it working.

Having tried in vain to get a decent burn using Titanium MCC 03RG20 discs I purchased some branded Verbatim 16x DVD+R discs with MCC 004 code.

I have burned around 15 discs using the create disc in CD Speed and subsequently tested each one. Many of them failed with uncorrectable errors and a few of them could be scanned but produced horrendous results.

I have, with the help of a few forum members in another thread, checked the DMA status of the drive and it is switched on. The drive shows up as using Ultra DMA 4 in device manager, ATAPI port properties.

I have also tested the speed of my system by running speed tests and a simulation in Nero burning ROM. Both HDD’s are delivering data at a rate of 55,000 to 60,000 KB/s. The write simulation in Nero gave a write speed of 22,250 KB/s and the final maximum transfer rate was reported as 46.6x (64,380KB/s). This implies to me that my system is quite capable of writing DVD @ 16x and there are no bottlenecks.

Here is an example of the best burn I have had using firmware MS0R…

Media Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 - Burned at 16x Scanned at 8x

As you can see this scan is just awful. Some discs I have burned at 4x have worked in a standalone DVD player (DVD Video) but many cannot even be read with the writer itself!

I really am at a loss as to what is the matter and am now sure that the drive is faulty. I haven’t checked the drive in another PC but was able to try my son’s Pioneer DVR-109 in my PC and it burned a DVD+R DL (Verbatim MKM 001) @ 2.4x for a quality score of 93. Not bad I thought and it proves the PC and the media ain’t the problem (I had similar bad results with these DL discs on my Litey).

Any suggestions anyone, I have tried a number of different firmwares including test ones but the results are always the same.

Finally, I realised this drive was still under warranty after I flashed it. Is there any way of reflashing back to a DW-G120A so I can return it under warranty (hoping PC world will just send me another in the post though :wink: ).

Cheers guys. :bigsmile:

You voided your warranty when you flashed your drive with unofficial firmware.

I realise that. I called support anyway (PC World) and the got me to reformat and reinstall Windows. I went through the motions as they assured me they would send me another drive if it still didn’t work following the reinstall.

I have just tried burning again and still no luck, my 165P6S doesn’t recognise the burnt disc and my DVD rom recognises it but doesn’t play it very well. I burned the disc with Nero and also checked the verify option which found errors on the disc and declared the burn unsuccessful.

Will try and get a new one sent out tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply, will post some successful scans from the new drive if I get it.

Regards. :smiley:

PC World are really gonna replace the drive even though it’s been crossflashed?!

PCWorld operate a system where, after following set troubleshooting routines over the phone, certain user-replaceable parts will be shipped out to the customer rather than the PC having to go in for repairs. I have been through the process with them and a new drive should be shipped shortly. During the process they never asked about firmware, not even asking if I had the latest (legit) version, so I never mentioned it! :slight_smile:


returning a bad drive that was crossflashed is not a good idea since on the long run manufacturers will make crossflashing and similar “optimisations” harder. This is the point.

You can btw return to Sony firmware the same way you crossflashed your drive to Liteon. The patched firmware you need can be found in the firmware sticky.


Thanks for the pointer michael, drive is now officially DW-G120A MYS6 again.
I have a new drive being shipped out this week and the supplier made no mention of me returning the old drive so I guess I’ll end up keeping the faulty one too.