SHM-165P6S, Does revision matter?

I’m thinking of picking up a SHM-165P6S (the dvd-ram capability is a key thing drawing me to this drive. I see though that there are several revisions available from retailers, up through like SHM-165P6S-09. I saw somewhere ( I think it was under the reviews at a retailer’s site) people recommending to stay away from the SHM-165P6S-03. I searched here to see if I could find any posts concerning whether any particular revisions of the drive were better or worse, but did find any. But just in case I figured I’d ask. So, is there any significant/worthwhile difference between the revisions of the SHM-165P6S?


The 03 is a beige bezel model with a beige tray…

The 04 is a black bezel model retail with an extra beige bezel included but a black tray.

The 09 is a black bezel model with a black tray…

Ideally, you want a black tray for best burning, so I’d get the 09 version.

I just bought one 09 made in China, Feb 2006 and it’s burning very well!

Thanks for your response. It’s good to know the different versions don’t have and significant internal differences (such as chipset level changes).

You say that a black tray is preferred (better burns). I’d not heard that.

black tray is known to produce lower jitter.

I realise Plextor propagated this, but has anyone actually confirmed this by testing drives, identical save for colour?

Also, where does silver lie in the scale of things?

Some say it’s best to get a Lite-On rebadged as a Sony as the build quality of Sonys is sometimes superior. That being the case the black model is the Sony DWG120AB2. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe in this. Sony DWG120AB2 is manufactured by Lite-On. Lite-On [B]may[/B] have a quality control (some say that they haven’t at all). I do not think that Lite-On may have a separate quality control procedure for drivers that will be rebadget as Sonys. It is not economical feasible.

@Gordon Banks
C0deKing said that sonys tend to be the better “lite-ons” :slight_smile:
maybe he knows something we don’t know?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ones with the Sony label have fewer problems. You can be sure that Sony has specifications that must be met by their vendors. This may require better quality control, more rigorous testing, etc., than Lite-on normally does for it’s own label drives.

does anybody know where to buy an extra black front bezel?

I was going to purchase the LiteOn retail package full part no. SHM-165P6S-02C that comes with the three coloured bezels. But then i came across a few mentions of the tray colour having an effect on burn quality. From the picture i have seen the retail model i was going for has a beige coloured tray. Can anyone who has bought this package confirm whether thats the case? I’ve seen the other revisions, but they all appear to be oem/bulk drives. I dont mind getting one of those if they are going to be a black tray as long as they come with the nero+powerdvd software. The black tray mentioned earlier (PN 09) says retail but i can only find it as a bulk drive.

Im based in the UK so i dont know if that has an impact on the various part no. revisions available.


If you are in the uk i would get this

It’s retail not oem and therefore comes with a 3 yr warantee, it is the black drive. Partcode: DWG120ABR

I was trying to go for the LiteOn version of the drive rather than a Sony rebadge because i believe the stock firmware has more options with the LiteOn and i’d rather not cross flash unless really necessary. Also the LiteOn software bundle is meant to be slightly better than the Sony.

If i cant get one from LiteOn, then i may go for the Sony equivalent.


Well if despite of codekings ( imo the most knowledgeable person on the forum when it comes to liteon) assertion that the sony versions are better drives you still want to go ahead and get a liteon drive so be it.

The simple fact that the sony retail drive has a 3 yr warantee as opposed to the 1yr offered by liteon should spell out that those drives are likely to have passed a far more stingent quality control.

I had to RMA two SHM-165P6S within a month of purchase and then got the model i posted a link to earlier and have not had a single issue with it since. The bundle you speak of is negligable both provide OEM versions of nero the liteon came with alternative bezels but i’d much prefer a reliable drive myself.

I don’t understand your issue with cross flashing to be honest it really is no different to updating the firmware the drive comes with.

Well i didnt fancy crossflashing in case something went wrong, and voided the warranty, that was my main concern. And the LiteOn firmware seemed to have the better set of features by default so it saved any worry or hassle. I did see the comment on Sony possibly being the better quality drive, but i didnt think that discussion came to any conclusion. 3 year warranty is something to consider.

Again OEM software because the Liteon came with the extra bits (nerovision expressi was probably going to use the most, it saved me any hassle having to go buy something else. Just being lazy picking a good package all in one.

Re the Sony drive, there appear to be several OEM with or without software, the brown boxed one you linked to and a full retail package. Im assuming they all differ with just extras like screws, or software package. If the warranty is the same no issue really.


The drive I linked to was in a brown box but it was the retail version. I think the retail one was about £3 more than the oem so the extra is negligable, I don’t know if the oem has a 3 yr warantee though.

With this you get an OEM version of Nero. I can’t remember if i got anything else with it offhand.

The mention of the length of warrantee was purely to emphasise that if they are confident to offer 3 yrs as opposed to one, to me that means that their drives are likely to have been through a more rigorous quality control.

Cross flashing is the same as normal flashing of a drive except you use a different firmware I really can’t envisage something going wrong.