SHM-165p6s CD/DVD RW Can't Read Anything, Incorrect Name For Drive



My SHM-165P6S CD/DVD RW can’t Read anything and when i go to my pc to select the drive its labeled DVD-RAM Drive(E:) is this the reason it wont Read any CD?


Nothing wrong with it being called a DVD-RAM drive, after all, it is. Latest firmware installed on the drive?


yes,recently downloaded and flashed MSOR.I getting closer since last post .I read another post that explained that running Roxio and Nero at the same time was Baand trouble.So since then I’ve Unistalled Roxio and Nero 6 and the drive and started from scratch.Now the drive can read cd’s yet still cannot read dvd’s or write on dvd or cd.Scsi I noticed when i tried to burn and looked at disc info had no value?Is there something I can copy to show someone my setup and try to figure get this going?