Shm-165hs6, shm-165ps6 differences?

What is the difference between the hs6 and ps6 models? They appear to have identical specifications…regards, gamma1

The difference is LightScribe.

The “H” model has it and the “P” model doesn’t have it.

And the correct model numbers are:


You are correct DM, I did not notice that before. I have edited the header on my original post. thank you for the reply. The drives sell for the same price at NewEgg. Regards, gamma1

Thats why I got the shm-165hs6 model at newegg, since they were the same price. Working great for me with all types of media even at full 16x speed with Verbatim 16x DVD+R media and 8x DVD+RW media with multiple reuses.