SHM-165H6S will not read Vista disc

I have a new Vista Business Upgrade disc that is not recognized in Windows XP or during boot (it is bootable). I have 2 of these burners and neither one will recognize the disc. I have tried the disc in other drives without a problem. Both drives have Lite-On’s most recent firmware. Has anyone else experienced this or heard of this problem?

I also have two of these burners and see exactly the same problem. I posted a thread on it earlier today.

i have the MSDNAA version. it’s a burnt image, not a pressed disc. but booting from it works fine, with 1635S and 20A1H. (ps: don’t install that crap :Z)
i can’t imagine the problem only exists with the 165H6S…

you could downgrade you burners with the help of the eeprom utility to e.g 165p6s and try it this way. maybe it’s a general problem with the 6S series.


See the other post from Chucko; I have it figured out. It is the Drive/Media combination that is causing the discs to not read; I googled for hours until I came here (should have known better to check non-cd-freak sites on this ; ) )

Good Luck