SHM-165H6S speed limit 8x problem

Hi everyone! I have a problem.
My SONY(SHM-165H6S) doesn’t allow to write more than 8x even if 16x selected.
Media I’m using is 16x. The firmware is HV9N. On previous firmwares the situation was the same.
Software I’m using is Nero versions gave the same result)
I tried all variants with options in SMART-BURN and in NERO.
Now I have following options Overspeed, Disabled smartburn.
After re-installing Nero the first disk is written on 16x, but next are limited in speed. And if other compilation type is selected, for example UDF, the first is written on 16x, but others are limited. And after changing firmware - the first in on 16x, others 8x.
Speed measurement in Nero shows the speed of the harddrive between 20-24x. DMA is enabled.
Please, give me some advice.

Have you tried using Verbatim DVD-R media instead of the brand you are using?

No, I only used Verbatim, Fuji all DVD+R. Is it connected somehow with my problem? And what the reason for my problem? What do you think?

This is a standard firmware, not a modded one, right?

Have you tried other burning apps like Nero 6.x, ImgBurn, etc.?

It’s not standart firmware. But with standart (HS0E) the result is the same. I tried Nero 6.x didn’t help.

disable smartburn i guess

I tend to stick with standard, factory provided firmware only, so I guess I’m not gonna be able to help with this. Sorry.

This sounds like a Nero problem then.
Why not try with ImgBurn? :wink: