SHM-165H6S Rattle and Firmware?

I just bought a new SHM-165H6S and it seems to have something rattling inside if I rotate it sounds like a spring. Anyone else have this problem? It seems to read and write fine but I dunno. Also anyone have a working download for the HV9N firmware? The one on savefile seems to be broken.

Mine does not rattle but with some discs I notice quite a bit of vibration shaking the external enclosure. I decided to move a hard drive enclosure from the top fearing the shakes might do some damage to the HD.

I also am looking for the same firmware (no luck with the link).

The link works for me using Firefox. See if this one works

Nope, I can download MV9N and PV9N fine but it times out trying to download HV9N.

Try this one then.

That one works, thanks. :slight_smile:

CodeKing just posted a new link to it in this thread:

Have fun!