SHM-165H6S Problems

Hi guys, I need some advice, help?? I bought a SHM-165H6S at the end of August from Newegg after useing all of ya’ll to research :), ANyways, it has stopped burning cd’s. It will still do dvd’s, but refuses to do cd’s. It now is making a low noise like a record being scratched every few minutes. I am guessing it is dying. I am going to return it to Newegg (hopefully) and get it replaced. Is this a rare problem with this model or do I just need to Ebay it and get a different model/brand? This is my first Lite-on product. I have liked it, but now I am concerned. Thanks for all your input.

Return it and get another, I have this drive for a year now and it is great, I love it.

i would return it asap if possible. some burn out like that. that is why i had to get a new burner. mine was the same. could burn dvds all day long, but no cds. good luck.