Shm-165h6s Hsoe

I know It has only been one day since HSOE Firmware has been posted, but I have been told that this is where best of the best meet and this is where people work 24/7 testing, reviewing and then posting to help weak people like ourselves to get the job done…"suckup to the utmost :bigsmile: ".

Anyway, I just wanted to know whether the HSOE Is good, and whether It’s better than the old HSOD.

Also, how do those ttwo compare to the old HSO6 and HSO7. I have been to the codeguys webpage, and realized that HSOE isn’t posted there yet.

I have my SHM-165H6S some time know, but today I’m going to use it for the first time to burn DVD’s, so I have no clue whatsoever about all the firmware which have been out and how do they perform.

usually, the newest stock firmware, like HS[B]0[/B]E now, is the best choice. it’s really safe to flash your drive with this new release.

OK, Thanks man, as long as you’re sure.

Firmware seems ok,

165H6S - #1
HS0E - All On
TDK - TTH02 -R x16 (printable)

  • 100pak of TDK TTH02 is not doing too bad, so far
  • 30th disk in the stack