SHM-165H6S fails burning RiData DL discs

I lost two RiData DVD+R DL discs yesterday with my new Lite-On SHM-165H6S. The 1st was with the original firmware, HS07 and the 2nd was with HS0D firmware. They both finished burning OK and then failed verification. Looking at the burn surface on the 1st one at about halfway out there is a dark line about 1/16" wide, just beyond that there are two more dark lines each about a 1/32" wide. The 2nd one has just one dark line a little over halfway out. I tested them with DVDInfoPro also and there were errors galore in this area. I then burned the same brand discs in my NEC burner with no problems at all. I had a cake box of 25 of these DL discs, I now have 5 left, 18 perfect burns in my NEC and 2 coasters in my Lite-On. Do I have a defective Lite-On or is the Lite-On not capable of burning the RiData DL discs that I have? And by the way, it burns regular RiData DVD+R discs OK.

The only good and reliable DL Media comes from Verbatim. All other brands are too bad or/and not compatible. The NEC drives belong to the best DL burners, so they could get some more quality out of your Riteks, but also the NEC will produce much better burns with Verbatim DL Media.

The LiteOn is a good DL burner with Verbatim media. With Ritek you might have success if you burn with slow speed. If not don’t use them and burn your last ones with the NEC. And for the future avoid this crap DL media.

I replied to your question in the Lite-On 165H6S Review thread. Please do not post the same question in multiple threads.