SHM-165H6S DMA Problem

I bought a LiteOn SHM-165H6S a couple of weeks ago. Cannot get my mobo bios to recognize above DMA-2. I have an Elitegroup K8T890-A with an Athlon 64 3500+. I flashed drive firmware to HSOD and mobo bios to its most current version. Tried using drive on primary and secondary IDE ports. Tried 3 different 80 conductor IDE cables. Tried different combinations of Master, Cable Select and Slave. HDD’s on primary IDE port are auto recognized at DMA-4 and DMA-5. Drive is set in Windows XP as DMA-2. Any ideas or help will be appreciated.

if the burst rate is acceptable (min. 24mb), then there’s nothing wrong leaving it like now. you can test the burst rate with nero cd-dvd speed.

Have you installed the VIA Service Pack (4 in 1) from here?

Thanks for your suggestions. I have already upgraded the Via 4-in-1 drivers and bios from the Elite web-site with no change. Per CD-DVD speed, the burst rate is 26MB/s. Elite finally responded to 2 emails. They suggested to check the IDE drivers and to look for a corrupt registry in Windows. Not much help since the bios chip does the initialization and tells Windows what is there. The bios chip will not recognized the drive above DMA-2. Oh, well… Any other ideas or help will be appreciated.

As chok0 said, a 26MB/s burst rate is fine. You might not get the fastest read speeds from pressed discs, but 26MB/s is sufficient for burning at 16X. Frustrating, but not all that detrimental.