SHM-165H6S Can't read pressed discs

Tried searching but couldn’t find anything.

Did a couple of firmwares, and it seemed that i can no longer read pressed originals with my DVD burner :frowning:

this is sad, i tried reverting and other solutions… none are working :frowning:

RMA time

A firmware update cannot fix such problems, but you maybe would get into more trouble…

The first one of these I had would not recognize any disc inserted DVD or CD, pressed or writable. I took the drive apart and reseated the internal cables, put it back together and it then worked fine. Chef is right, flashing firmware will not have an effect in this case.
I don’t advocate that you take your drive apart. That is your decision and yours alone.

well to me it’s not a big deal as i’ve already opened the drive to solder in a blue LED… haha

and i also own a NEC. was just wondering if there was anything i could have done.

i really don’t want to RMA as it seems that it’s a good drive, maybe i will try to reseat the cables. (i like tinkering around with them anyway)

Did you cross flash your drive to a different model?

no it has come as a stock 165H6s and i only tried flashing test firmware from this site and the firmwares from the codeguys site.

They are mostly patched ones.