Shluld I buy LTR-52246S?

Yesterday I went to buy a LiteOn 48/12/48, but I found the new LTR-52246S…
Which should I buy???

Yes, you could buy the latest 52246S. I don’t see why not ? :smiley:

Yes, I could buy it…but I should buy it???

If you want to say a twenty and don’t mind flashing firmware, get the 48126S. If you don’t mind dropping a twenty and hate flashing firmware, get the 52246S.

Go for it.

I just installed mine.

for an owner’s review.

Hi all…
I’ve a little problem…in Italy 48126S doesn’t seem to exist, so the only 48x I could buy is the 48125w/s, and I can’t overclock it to 52x…my doubt is if 52246S is worth buying…
I really don’t know which drive I should buy…the only differences I can see between them is that 52x is 10s faster in writing…and 12x faster in rewriting (consider that I never used CD-RW)…help me please! :rolleyes:

sorry for my English :slight_smile:

I think 52246S is better because:

  1. Of course 52 writing instead 48 (not very important…)
  2. Of course 24 re-writing instead 12
  3. CHIPSET 6!!! In a future this can be upgradable to…?

E compra il 52246S, anche se costa un po’ di più!

Yeah, in the end I’ve ordered 52246S :D…but will chipset 6 support another speed? (58x? 60x? :eek: )

Alla fine ho preso quello :stuck_out_tongue: spero che sia upgradabile poi :smiley:

but will chipset 6 support another speed?

I think yes.

Siamo però al limite della velocità per quanto riguarda i masterizzatori, oramai non saliranno più di tanto…

52x is the fastest writting speed for CDs, then they’ll move onto some other media like blue ray and DVD. So there’s really no difference if you bought a 48x 6 series or 52x 6 series, except spending more $.

Thanks for your explanation :smiley: