Shld i upgrade from Benq 1640 n 1650?



Well i both the Benq 1640 n Benq 1650…both xcellent drives!! with no troubles at all :bow: :bow:

I was thinkin of gettin the LiteON 20x drive LH-20A1P…but i just want to know is it worthwhile upgrading to this drive? …and i mainly use MBI DVD+R’s


most people on this forum will tell you that the 1640 is superior to the 1650…but on the other side, it may be your last chance to get a new BenQ while LiteOns will be most probably widely available for a long time.


i already have both the 1640 n 1650…wat i want to know is worth gettin the 20x LiteOn drive?


You already have two of the best 16x burners ever made. :wink:

I’ve a Lite-On LH-18A1P@LH-20, but it doesn’t add anything exiting except a few seconds faster burns (at 20x compared with BenQ’s at16x).
BenQ’s will also handle MBI media nicely.

But if you absolutely want a new burner you better look at LG or Pioneer. :slight_smile:


Have to agree with pinto2 the two drives you mentioned are great drives and all the newer drives do is add speed. Sometimes at the cost of burn quality. I have a new LG H50N and a Lite On 201AS that burn OK but they are shelved because I have better older burners.:wink:


sorry, i thought you want to upgrade from 1640 to 1650 :doh: i should read more carefully


I think it depends on your needs. If you really need 18X or 20X, 2 minutes mostly, then get it. Liteon 165P6S/BenQ 1680 served me very good, but I still preferred my BenQ DW1640/1655. :bigsmile:
1640/1655 is still the most feature-rich, well-balanced burning quality burner, from my point of view.


well i am not looking for 5min burns or anything like…just looking for a reliable drive…so sticking with the Benq’s will work fine for me :slight_smile:

Thanks guys