Shiretoko and FF loading wrong broswers?

I noticed that in my Win7 Ult x64 O/S that when I installed both Shiretoko and FF. That when I load one or the other that if I try to open a separate browser in either Shiretoko or FF it would open with the same current browswer rather then say load Shiretoko but instead loads FF. So goes load FF and try to load Shiretoko instead is a FF browser and vise versa. This makes for a confusing process when I try to load a site and says can’t load in Shiretoko and I try to load FF but is a Shiretoko window. Has anyone had this problem or found a way around this??

I remember a while back I had FireFox 2 and FireFox 3 installed at the same time. Loading FF2 and then trying to open an instance of FF3 resulted in FF2 loading, and the same with FF3 already open and attempting to open FF2. The same may have also happened when I tried the stable FF releases and the nightly Shiretoko releases, regardless of the fact that they’re installed into different folders.

I think you always have to close the instance of FireFox you’re running to switch which version you’re running. You may be able to rename the executable of one to something slightly different from default. Windows or FireFox may be looking to see if an instance of FireFox—firefox.exe, by default—is already loaded in memory, and if so creates a new window from that loaded process. I cannot remember if doing this helped me out any or if I was just forced to close one entirely and open the other.

I kinda figure the last part like what you said close one to be able to open the correct browser. Being Shiretoko is x64 and FF is x86, I would’ve thought they operate differently. Just that Adobe flash won’t load in Shiretoko that the reason why I had to install FF with Shiretoko. I checked adobe but they haven’t gotten off their butts to make a x64 flash or shockwave for x64 O/S or broswer.