$$$ Shipping $$$

during the checkout process of an item I just purchased, I encountered the following options for shipping, you be the judge

Easy…you don’t want to wait that long…2-5 business days of course :wink:

Gee I will have to think about it :confused:

did I mention it weighs less than 3lbs

Yes but it is sent by hummingbird air so a team effort :bigsmile:

This one is easy. :cool:

Your blacked out shipping address is obviously more than 5 light-days away from Earth, so in order to get the package there in time, faster-than-light travel is needed and that is very expensive.

Getting the package there in 7 to 9 days is much easier and doesn’t require FTL travel so they can do that for free. :iagree:

You can not put a price on time :wink:

[B]They sure did![/B] :doh:

$105 / day

Of course you can - it’s $4.95! :wink:

You do live on Zircon don’t you?

Mjah…my boss puts a price tag on my time too…for the clients it is far more…for myself far less per hour :wink: