G’day all,

Just wondering if anyone has used SHINTARO DVD-R’s and if someone could help me with the manufacturer’s code on them.


my friend had a LDW411-S (liteon)
and it seems that he read it as a Princo (OMFG)

I only have some RWs, according to DVD Identifier -

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-RW:PRINCO]

Disc Type : [DVD-RW]
Manufacturer ID : [PRINCO]
Disc Application Code : [Unrestricted Use : Consumer Purpose]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2.298.496 Sectors - 4.489MB - 4,38GB]

[DVD Identifier -]

Unfortunately they are crap, used once and get an error when trying to erase.

I have some of the -R discs and they are PRINCO media - I have found these to be pretty reliable - and very affordable at around $2 AU a piece. I can source these for you if you are interested

i saw some for 50 bucks in a 10 pack! what a rip. one of my friends got a spindle of 10 for half the price and they were also princo- still a rip IMO. if they want to sell u crap make sure u pay them accordingly!

I agree that was a rip. As far as the PRINCO media goes all that I’ve read and experienced suggests that the PRINCO 1x and 2x media are fairly craptacular - while the 4x is pretty good. I’ve not had one coaster using the 4x and it’s the cheapest media that comes recommended and I know will burn on my 401@411 and play in my cheap TEAC DVD player - a win all round.

I’d be happy to hear other cheap media stories