Shink & Burn

[QUOTE=Wombler;2681658]I don’t have Windows 8 myself but according to the DVDFab people it’s fully supported.


What’s a good free software to shrink & burn? I use to use DVD Shrink & Decrypter! Thanks

The DVDFab forum is only for DVDFab discussions so I’ve moved the thread for you to allow you us to discuss this.

For a freeware solution I’d recommend ripping with the freeware component of DVDFab, compressing with the freeware version of DVD Rebuilder, then burning with ImgBurn which is also freeware.

The quality you get with DVD Rebuilder is second to none as it does a full re-encode as opposed to transcoding.

You can then burn the output with ImgBurn which is the best burning software out there IMO.


There are a few things you can do to make the free version of DVDRebuilder work better . To start with it just use it as it is.