Shinco DVD-8700s super corrective player picture-key specs

I just posted the article Shinco DVD-8700s super corrective player picture-key specs.

Thanks to LRR who found a link to the new DVD player from China, we can now know that this is a real piece of hardware. Not only is the 8700s provided with a super…

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It appears that Shinco’s US presence is known as Mintek. From my limited experience with Mintek DVD home players, I would put them on par with Apex for quality, or lack thereof.:r

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Shinco is one of the first Chinese firm to produce VCD machine about 15 years ago. Shinco is located in ShenZhen border town near Hong Kong. Shinco is a major vcd/dvd player supplier in China and has a good reputation seems to me. Shincon means Advance Technology in Chinese. Their comericials were everywhere in China when I visited there in 2000.

The more accurate translation of Shinco is New Technology.

The Shinco DVD players are good for playing poor quality discs, but the image quality is still not as good as those from pioneer and others.

Thanks ladybug for the translation and additional information. I have been reading as much as I can about China lately as they have taken the world by surprise it seems. I also work with some individuals that have been there as recently as 2002, working in an unrelated industry, that have given some positive reports of that society. China seems to be in an accelerated state of change right now that is remarkable. It will definately be a source of many news stories in the next few years. Please help us stay informed. :slight_smile:

what??? where can i get one?

Hi Crabby…any technology or source thereof, that makes western monopolies quit their smarmy grins, surely interests me…good for competition, good for technology and good for MY pocket…:X