Shhhh! Don't Tell Anybody! Verbies Are On Sale At OfficeMax

It’s not advertised or online, but my local OfficeMax had Verbies on sale with proper signs posted and everything. $14.98 for 50, and $22.98 for 100. If you have an OM close to you, I would check to see if the situation is the same. Even if you don’t see any signs, have them ringup a spindle to verify the price.

Note that most OM stores have moved the display with the neo-Verbies to the middle of the store, so don’t forget to look for it if you’re buying the 50-packs. There are no neo-Verbies in the 100-packs, so that’s not an issue if you’re looking for those.

Use the 15% off brown bag or the $10off$20 coupon to make the deals better.

One last thing, OM is notorious for having these kinds of unadvertised sales which they can end up stopping at any time. If you want some, get them now, because the price may jump back up to regular any time during the week.

why dont they do $12.99 for 50
$14.99 is kinda steep


You can use the OM ‘brown 15% off bag’.


I just came back from Office Max. I got the verb’s 100 pk. I also used that $10 off $20 thing. So I spent $15.00 plus tax for 100 DVD’s. Both + and - are on sale. Watch out they had Made in India and Twain. Pick Twain.

They aren’t as good as my 50 pack of new style verb’s in quality.
I just burned a back up. One with the new verb’s (50pack), it scored a 93 quality score and the old style verb’s scored a 90.

10 off 20 pdf

Good through Nov. 30

Twain lol :disagree: it’s Taiwan :iagree:

the newer spindlw is a sure thing of PAPA spindle, the older spindle, you have to find the font on the lock/open on the spindle. Prodisc made MCC is really bad

Prodisc MCC is far from really bad. As with the CMC-made variety, it varies according to the batch. I’ve had excellent results with some Prodisc MCC003, MCC004 and MCC03RG20.

Hi, that sounds like a great deal. Did you use the 15% off bag AND the $10 off $20 coupon? What’s the math? Thanks.

I got 2 more spindles of the newly packaged Verbs +R and used the 10off 20.00USD, so I got 100 for 20.00USD.

At my OM it was $22.98 for 100 minus $10 coupon is $12.98 for 100, pretty good deal IMO thanks for the heads up negritude… and thanks for the coupon felch… :bow:

Thanks OP, and felch…


They had that same deal at the OM near me but I opted for the newly packaged ones, the 50 spindles, 14.99X2=29.98-10.00 coupon 20.00 plus tax for 100. I am happy with it.:iagree:

It is not bad , it is VERY inconsistent .
Discs from the same spindle can vary very much in quality .

Here are some scans of Prodisc made MCC004 from OM :

BTW, a slight correction, the 100-pack at my local OM is $24.99 not $22.98 as I previously stated.


Thanks for the Office Max info on Verbatims. Purchased 100 dvds for $24.98 + tax minus $10 with coupon. Made in Taiwan with the old packaging.:bow: :bow: :bow: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

No, I didn’t try the bag. I don’t think you can use it with the coupon.
Math is this:
100pk DVD+R on sale for roughly $25.00. printed that coupon, used it to get $10.00 off.
Spent $15.00 plus tax for 100pk of alright dvd’s. My girlfriend went behind me and bought the same thing w/ coupon. My store didn’t have any more new 50 pack o’ verbs. So, I ended up with 200 dvd’s for $30.00 plus tax. I use to get a “deal” at Sams. I use to get verbs DVD-R’s 100 pack for $33.00. lol :bigsmile:

wow…nice deal…will get some verbs today :smiley:

Do they actually accept a printer copy of this coupon? The coupon itself includes this statement:

“No copies/facsimiles” (or something similar).

I have used 3 already, the coupon is good for another couple of months.:iagree: