Sherwood announces $300 Blu-ray player

I just posted the article Sherwood announces $300 Blu-ray player.

Sherwood America has announced it will release a Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player next month with a retail price of $299.95.
The Sherwood BDP-5003, Sherwood’s first attempt at a Blu-ray player, supports…

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Probably the same manufacturer as the new Memorex and Olevia Blu-ray players.

Unless I’m mistaken, Sherwood makes bottom-of-the-barrel junk. Three hundred bones seems a bit steep to me considering brand name Blu-ray players will be $150 come black Friday.

I’ve never heard about Sherwood, how can an unknown company sell cheaper Blu-ray players then the big guys?:confused:

Lol…only 1.1…PASS

Sherwood has two lines of products, A Sherwood line and a Newcastle line. The Newcastle line is their high end product line. The Blu-ray players that are being released fall into the Newcastle line.


I’ll pass still too expensive lmao. When the player becomes $150 then i’ll think about it but until then forget it they can keep it. I’ll keep enjoying my dvd player on my recent purchase of a CRT that shows black areas instead of a white screen and washed out colors caugh! LCD hahaha.